Send Nano to anyone, anywhere in the world. Using just a phone number

Near instant

Payments are processed in seconds


All transactions are saved on the Nano cryptocurrency blockchain


Nalli is a non-custodial mobile wallet for Nano cryptocurrency with the power to pay anyone, even if they haven't got a wallet yet.

Send to anyone

Anyone in your phone contacts is a possible recipient

Requst from contacts

Send a request for Nano to your contacts

Powered by Nano

Nano is a cryptocurrency perfect for payments


Add a message when requesting or sending. All end-to-end encrypted using your wallet keys.

You hold the keys

You can create a wallet or import an existing one. The keys never leave your device


All transactions are on the blockchain. All cryptographic signatures are done on-device


Nalli is a non-custodial wallet with one exception. When assets are sent to new users who are not yet on the platform, Nalli will create a new temporary custodial wallet to which the transaction is sent to.

New users will be sent a 6-digit SMS 2FA challenge with limited tries. Too many failed tries causes a time penalty and the 2FA challenge will be regenerated. New users will either import or create a new wallet on the platform. Upon creation, Nalli will send the assets from the custodial wallet to the recipient's registered address.